Montana State University faculty working to decertify their union

Read more here: Montana State faculty decertification


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  1. Interesting news from Montana. I assume the UA folks here will say that *our union* will be better than the one at Montana State. I for one am skeptical, and worried. Some of our most serious concerns are exactly the reasons why many faculty at Montana State now want to decertify their faculty union after 3 years of struggling and getting nowhere. Do we want to spend 3 years creating a divisive antagonistic bargaining environment that excludes 25% of tenure-track faculty and produces no tangible results, other than creating a great waste of money & effort and a more divided community than we started with? I realize this is a rhetorical question. See for more details. See below for a partial list of objections.

    – It took over 2 years for AFMSU (MSU’s faculty union) to produce a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Salary increases were delayed during this period.

    – The small salary increases over the past two years were consistent with MSU’s administration plans. AFMSU was not instrumental in securing them.

    – AFMSU has failed to substantially improve the large discrepancy between MSU and national salaries — especially for faculty at the lower end of the pay scale.

    – AFMSU allowed only its dues-paying members to vote on the ratification of the CBA even though the CBA governs the activities of at least twice as many non-union faculty members.

    – AFMSU did not provide adequate time (approximately one week) for faculty to review the CBA –effectively preventing an open discussion of its strengths and weaknesses.

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